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Server Virtualisation

 This AssessMy will include the optimisation and best practice methods for an organisation looking to use Server Virtualisation for the first time or for one looking to increase ROI from an existing environment. (Created February 2015; approximatley 15 minutes to complete)

User Virtualisation

 AssessMy User Virtualisation will also apply to Application Virtualisation and will be focused on organisational benefits for creating virtual environments for users including applications, data and services for example, printing.  (Created March 2015; approximatley 10 minutes to complete)

VDI Deployment

 AssessMy VDI covers business aspects for successfully deploying and maximising ROI from VDI. This AssessMy will help you to ensure your organisation is aware of all the key features and benefits that VDI could bring. The Executive report produced by this AssessMy is very useful for IT managers in the process of justifying moving to VDI or trying to get the most from an existing environment.  (Created February 2015; approximately 15 minutes to complete)

Virtualisation Security

 This AssessMy is designed for anyone in the IT security sector with a focus on improving their virtualisation security.  (Created April 2015; approximately 15 minutes to complete)