What are AssessMy Themes?

The subjects and information belonging to IT best practices are vast and can be complex.  At AssessMy we have collated this information into modules each residing under a particular Theme. 

From IT Security to Sales and Marketing; Virtualisation to Channel  Clarity our Themes include a vast array of subject matters that can help your business see how they are performing in a specific area and most importantly how they can improve.

Our Themes and their Modules help your business to gain insight and visibility without the need for expensive consultants or downloads.

Search our Themes to find the Modules that will help you maximise your business performance today. 

How do i use assessmy?

Once you have selected the Theme and Module which most suits your requirements, complete the corresponding questionaire to enable the Vision Platform (VP) from C View Technologies to formulate your performance benchmarking. 


The rapid self diagnosis does not require any software download and and is free and easy to use.