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Topics Include: Anti Malaware, Application Security, Board Level IT Governance, Cyber Security, Data Storage and Handling Protection, Email Security, Mobile Security, Strong Authentication and VOIP Protection.

Network Security

Topics Include: Data Leak Prevention, DDoS Mitigation, Encryption, Firewall Management, Next Generation Firewall/UTM, Patch Management, Unified Security Gateway and URL Filtering.

Vulnerability Analysis

Topics Include: Cyber Threat Intelligence, Identity Access Control/Managment, PCI-DSS, Penetration Testing Process, Penetration Testing Risk Management, Penetration Testing Scope and Vulnerability Management.

IT Networking

Topics Include: Backup and Storage, Critical Infrastructure Protection/SCADA, Cloud Backup and Storage, Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery, Development Operations, File Transfer, Log Management/SIEM, NAC/Network.
(Additional Modules included)


Topics Include: Server Virtualisation, VDI Deployment and Virtualisation Security.

Sales and Marketing

Topics Include: CRM Best Practice, Enterprise Selling, Formulating Blue Ocean Strategy, Marketing Automtion and Website Needs.


Topics Included: Active Directory, Corporate Culture, Corporate Reputation Management, Disaster Recovery, Employee IT Training, Innovative Product Development, Sharepoint and Startup Self Assessment.

Channel Clarity

Topics Include: Distributor Capabilities, Distributor: AssessMy Vendor, Reseller Capabilities, Vendor AssessMy Distributors and Vendor: AssessMy Resellers.

Social Media Marketing

Topics Included: Employer Branding, Getting Social with Your Marketing, Reaching Your Audience, Refresh Old Marketing, SMM on the Social Web and Social Media Policy.

Data Centre

Topics Include: Data Centre Cyber Security, Data Centre Physical Requirements.