Sales and Marketing

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crm best practice

 Most organisations reach a point where a CRM is a critical part of its sales process to create accuracy of forecasting and also to optimise the overall sales process. This AssessMy has been created to review current usage and to highlight areas that are lacking maturity. (Created August 2014; approximatley 15 minutes to complete)

enterprise selling

 This AssessMy has been created by a group of highly experienced Sales Executives over the past 4 years. Used in different guises by some of the worlds top organisations to grow sales revenue all the way to eking out the final 1% of business from existing major accounts this AssessMy brings wide and varied benefits to any responder interested in Direct sales. (Created July 2014; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

Formulating Blue Ocean Strategy

 Established companies that are competing in the red ocean of competitive market segments need to find blue oceans of new opportunity. This AssessMy will quickly highlight your strengths, gaps and weaknesses in the context of achieveing this business critical goal. (Created February 2015; approximately 15 minutes to complete)

marketing automation

 Created with the support of one of the worlds leading outsourced Marketing Automation companies, this AssessMy was created to ensure that any organisation using MA gets the highest ROI with the minimum effort required. It is likely that any organisation using this AssessMy will run this project multiple times over the period of change to track improvements.   (Created October 2014; approximately 25 minutes to complete)


Written with Prevention best practices in mind. The assessment covers creating a preventative culture, how best to authenticate and of course in the event of an attack how best to mitigate the overall impact. (Created December 2014; approximately 15 minutes to complete)

website needs

 Almost all organisations and many individuals now have websites which allow the outside world to view what they do and how they might interact or engage with others. The website is often the first and, in some instances, may be the only engagement that customers will have with your organisation. Therefore, it is critical in today’s competitive world to get it right the first time and every time. This AssessMy will help you to define what currently works for you and what would be useful as an additional feature or function. (Created May 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)