network Security

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data leakage prevention

Data Leakage Prevention is a vital capabiltiy for any organisation looking to monitor, protect and manage their data.  (Created April 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete.)                                                       

DDoS Mitigation
(Arbor Networks)

The DDoS Mitigation AssessMy has been created with support from a leader in this space, Arbor Networks. Using the Arbor Networks intelligence data has allowed us to build an AssessMy module that will review your practices and your position to defend against the most up-to-date DDoS attacks.  (Created January 2015; approximatley 15 minutes to complete.)


The encryption of data can be split into two basic fields. The first is data while at rest and the second is data in transit. This AssessMy will cover data at rest and our other AssessMy’s cover data in transit in detail.  (Created April 2015; approximatley 10 minutes to complete)

FIREWALL Management

The AssessMy Firewalls module will allow you to quickly review both current and required functionality and also a high level of configuration options. The executive report will give you a good foundation document with which to build out business cases for required changes in the future. (Created November 2014; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

Next Generation Firewall/UTM

Next Generation Firewall/Unified Threat Management devices have grown in popularity over the past ten years and with so many different classes of device it is hard to define if an organisation is taking the lead with its deployments. This AssessMy will help you to review existing environments and installations providing a executive report with details about all areas of Next Gen Firewall/UTM.  (Created January 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

Patch Management

 One surefire way to keep on top of potential security threats is to ensure that security patches across all your systems are installed as and when they become available. Use this AssessMy to test the efficiency of your patch management processes. (Created June 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

Unified Security Gateway

Utilising networks to access internal and external mission-critical applications are common, and important as well, for small and medium-sized businesses.  (Created May 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

URL and content filtering

URL and content filtering, when effectively applied, not only protects your organisation from malicious software and viruses, but can boost productivity amongst your employees. Use this AssessMy to see how you can further optimise your URL filtering systems. (Created August 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)