IT Networking

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backup and storage

 Your organisation’s data is its most valuable asset. Ensure it is fully protected using this AssessMy to test your backup and storage processes should you ever need to recover from a disaster. (Created August 2014; approximatley 10 minutes to complete)

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

 This AssessMy has been constructed with the support of Commvault to enable organisations to review existing DR requirements or needs and to compare those to the plans and infrastructure in place. This AssessMy is primarily focused on DR via Cloud-based offerings and so any results should consider this while reading the executive report or any benchmarking data. (Created April 2015; approximately 15 minutes to complete)

file transfer

 File transfer is a business-critical process and should be one of the highest concerns for your organisation when you consider the volume and sensitivity of data often included in files. Using this AssessMy you can see just how well-optimised and secure your file transfer processes are.  (Created July 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

Log Management / SIEM

 Both Log Management and SIEM are covered in the detailed AssessMy program. The results will cover best practices and features and benefits an organisation could benefit from and will clearly show the operational strengths in the full executive report and data. (Created January 2015; approximately 20 minutes to complete)

NAC / Network Recovery Control

 This NAC focused AssessMy covers a wide range of aspects of both reviewing existing NAC infrastructure and also reviewing potential features and any benefits of moving to a different offering.  (Created January 2015; approximately 20 minutes to complete)

Network Intelligence

 This AssessMy is a must for any organisation looking to take their network security to the next step by leveraging protection at the application layer whilst simultaneously maximising performance and availability.  (Created June 2015; approximately 10 minutes to complete)

Network Management

 Test your organisation’s network management solutions and process with this AssessMy. (Created in May 2015; approximatley 10 minutes to complete)

Software Defined Storage

 Software-defined Storage(SDS) is a general term used to encompass several kinds of network storage technology and optimisation focused on making the network attached storage solutions as agile and flexible as server virtulisation and the latest SDN infrastructure has made the most state of art modern data centre. (Created March 2016; approximatley 10 minutes to complete)

Wireless Networking

 This AssessMy is designed to review an organisation’s wireless infrastructure. If you run one too many offices and want a seamlessly integrated wireless network, or if you manage the IT infrastructure for a retail or leisure site that wants to provide wireless internet for your customers, this AssessMy will review both equally.(Created in March 2015; approximatley 10 minutes to complete)