AssessMy allows end users to assess their own capabilities on hundreds of different technology themes for free.  Gain anonymised benchmarking data and a bespoke executive reports without the need for consultants or downloads.

Rapid Self Diagnosis

With our brief questionaires you can gain an insight into your own capabilities on hundreds of different technology themes for free.

rapid response

Once you have completed your questionaire you will receive a detailed report explaining your current state of performance and your target areas to show you what you need to do next.

performance benchmarking

Your custom report will enable you to develop your targets to help you move towards your most important goals.

We get a wide variety of responders to our Themes; if you are looking for a best practice framework then AssessMy is a fantastic place to start.

Increasing visibility of the component parts of an organisation enables an indepth insight into the changes that could be made to enhance performance.

AssessMy aims to help organisations with their challenges through the use of the Vision Platform from C View Technologies.  

From Cyber Security to Digital Transformation, Operations to Marketing, gaining an understanding of what you do well and where you could do better is highly valuable for business’ of all sizes; at every stage of their development.

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