CVT Excellence Platform

CVT develops easy to use technology that assess and transforms operational capabilities in all business areas and all types of companies.

At the center is a management platform called the Excellence Platform and a vast library of business modules that are selected depending on the function or business goals being targeted. Its pioneering technology redefines the way organisations evaluate their capabilities. CVT tools deliver greater direction, transparency and agility to the process of improving performance than ever before.

The story so far

First conceived in 2009, CVT is the brainchild of two industry experts, Gregory J Smith and Sandrijn Stead. Well-versed in business theory from time spent at Harvard and MIT and experienced in designing and executing growth strategies for global, blue-chip companies, they have an enviable skill-set. Smith and Stead had long realised that the key to enduring business growth was to outperform the competition operationally.

They were disillusioned with the usual sources of support, wading through half-baked ideas from professional services firms and battling with software that didn't quite go far enough. In contrast, by applying and refining a logical methodology, they found that they achieved outstanding results. Their light bulb moment occurred when they realised that they could make two complex processes a lot easier and manageable.

Firstly, that of achieving ultimate competitive advantage through operational excellence and secondly tapping into the swarm of knowledge, information and data abundantly available in the world today. The Excellence Platform was born with its innovative business module structure. This innovative, process-oriented platform demystifies business performance improvement by taking the guesswork out. It revolutionises business operations from the inside out.

This is why we are here

We built our revolutionary business enablement platform called the Excellence platform and modularised the know-how to embed best-practice methodologies into corporate DNA. This activates business transformation with a minimum requirement for behavioural change.

The road to operational success

We know that organisations solve operational problems by relying on a fragile combination of intuition and scant data. By nature the process is reactive rather than proactive. Operational weaknesses frequently go unchecked, or require time consuming periods of consultancy to assess problems and recommend solutions.

Unique innovation

CVT has stepped to the fore with the creation of the Excellence platform that is a revolutionary hosted platform that takes the guesswork out of planning, transforming and measuring business operations and capabilities. It provides users with a fully implementable path to operational enlightenment.


CVT understands that organisations need a clear and structured way to build out superior operational capabilities together with leveraging the latest know-how and best practices to stay one step ahead of the competition and achieve those ever demanding business goals. Sometimes this is vital for a company's very survival but many organisations struggle to identify and reliably embed the required change into their businesses. The CVT mission is therefore to provide easy to use tools that enable organisations and individuals to rapidly build competitive capabilities and achieve tough business goals through operational excellence without the need for expensive consultancy and endless training.